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Think Africa, and everything you think of, you will find in Kenya. Roadtripping is the best way to experience Kenya’s beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife and diverse cultures. Enjoy the country at your own pace and with the freedom of traveling in a Roadtrip 4WD and Drive Your Own Adventure!

Kenya is a land with pride, and the Kenyans have every right to be proud of their country. You will find cultures that are celebrating their traditions and heritage, landscapes that take your breath away, wildlife that will make your heart skip a beat and an ocean that will make you unwind from all your adventures. Kenya is the ultimate destination to spend your holiday!

Go camping!

Did you know that Kenya is great for self-drive safari and very camp friendly? You’ll be surprised how many campsites are scattered across the country. Read more »

Roadtripping is hot

Ultimate freedom to drive your own adventure. What did fellow travelers experience on their Roadtrip?

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