Car rental & accommodation

Would you like to experience the privacy and flexibility of self-drive, but peace of mind about which route to take and where to stay?
Then go on one of our competitively priced Kenya safari tours. Each self-drive trip offers a carefully designed set route with stays in pre-booked lodges. These safari tours are also possible to book with a driver / guide.

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$315 p/p

Maasai Mara Experience

Sit back and relax with these add-on options to your car rental

The Maasai Mara is a superb but challenging reserve. It is the finest for wildlife viewing, but the roads are very deteriorated and challenging to drive. We have partnered with the best mid-range safari outfitters to create an add-on to your trip in the rest of Kenya: The Maasai Mara experience!

3 Days with Aruba Safari Camp - $430 USD/per person
3 Days with Mara Explorers - 330 USD/per person
3 Days with Maji Moto Eco Camp - $315 USD/per person

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