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In Kenya you will find cultures that are celebrating their traditions and heritage, landscapes that take your breath away, wildlife that will make your heart skip a beat and an ocean that will make you unwind from all your adventures. It’s not hard to choose Kenya as the ultimate destination to spend your holiday. Rent a car and Drive Your Own Adventure.

Kenya covers a vast surface of beautiful nature. The majority of interesting sights, places to visit and national parks are based in the Central and Southern regions of the country. Add to this a well-maintained network of tarmac roads and you start to realize how suitable the country is for a self-drive holiday in a rental car.

For years, Kenya has been a destination accessible for luxurious and affluent travelers, who could afford to fly in to safari camps and high-end lodges. The development of the infrastructure, tourism sector, education and the country in general has paved the way for budget-friendly alternatives. That is why we can offer car rental and camping. Natural and cultural destinations lie 3 to 4 hours’ drive apart from each other, and usually offer all types of facilities, from upmarket lodges to campsites. That is why Kenya is a perfect roadtrip destination.

Car rental & Self-drive

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We believe roadtripping at your own pace is the best way for an adventure in Kenya. You have your own time and places to decide and you are not tied to a strict schedule of arrivals and activities. You are more in touch with the environment around you. You enjoy the possibility of getting out whenever you want, and have time to stay at places you would never be able to see with an organized tour. Rent a car in Kenya and experience that these aren't just false promises.

Our Toyota RAV4s and Landcruisers are the perfect 4WD cars to take you around the country. Read more about our fleet and hire a car that fits your needs. Even better, all our rental cars can be outfitted with full camping equipment. With the camping equipment, you can be sure that you can sleep at any place without reserving rooms in advance.

Do you want to have the time and opportunity to take pictures while on the road? Immerse yourself even more in the Kenyan culture? We have reliable driver-guides available that give you peace of mind to enjoy your roadtrip and tons of insights into the local cultures of Kenya.

Explore Kenya on a budget - go camping

Did you know that Kenya is very camping friendly? You’ll find many campsites are scattered across the country. Some are basic bush campsites inside the National Parks, others are fully equipped private campgrounds from luxury lodges. We can equip your rental vehicle with quality camping gear, imported from South Africa and The Netherlands. Rent a Roadtrip car with camping gear, and explore Kenya on a budget! Read more about our camping gear and campsites in Kenya

Is kenya safe for self-drive?

We have traveled the country up and down and know all corners of Kenya. We can firmly say that Kenya is a safe country to drive around in. We wouldn’t offer our services if it wasn't. Safety aspects we consider are: road conditions, conflicts, and crime. Read more about travel safety in Kenya, Nairobi and the Kenyan road conditions.

We have excluded some areas in Kenya for self-drive, because of the poor road conditions and remoteness making it difficult to offer assistance. This is roughly the North of Kenya; everything north of Mount Elgon, Lake Baringo, Samburu National Park and Malindi.

Roadtrip Tanzania car in the savanna in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
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