Kenya destinations

For years, Kenya has been a destination accessible to luxurious and affluent travelers, who could afford to fly in to safari camps and high-end lodges. The development of the infrastructure, tourism sector, education and the country in general has paved the way for budget-friendly alternatives. That is why Roadtrip Kenya can offer car rental and camping. Natural and cultural destinations lie 3 to 4 hours’ drive apart from each other, and usually offer all types of facilities, from upmarket lodges to campsites. That is why Kenya is a perfect roadtrip destination.

Top 5 National Parks in Kenya

Kenya is Africa's ultimate safari destination. There are a lot of wildlife safari destinations, national parks, national reserves and private conservancies that well deserve a visit. We have listed the Top 5 destinations for wildlife safaris in Kenya.
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Best beaches of Kenya

Although Kenya is mostly known for its adventures on safari, the coast of Kenya can be regarded as a world class beach destination on its own. So now is the time to rent a car with camping gear in the back of your trunk, and visit this paradise. Hello palm trees, crystal clear water, snorkeling, and coconut cocktails!
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The capital of Kenya is big and rapidly developing. It is a hub for business in East Africa, and the number of middle-class Kenyans and expatriates has grown quickly in recent years. This benefits the tourist in terms of available facilities. You will be able to buy everything you need for a trip upcountry.
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Kenya off the beaten track

There is so much to see in Kenya that many places are skipped by the main tour operators. They stick to the touristy and expensive highlights, but for us Roadtrippers, there is a whole world that opens up when you drive around in your own vehicle with your camp gear in your trunk. Explore off the beaten track in Kenya.
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