Suggested self drive tours

Take a moment to browse through this page and read about our suggested car rental loops in Kenya. We are happy to point you in the right direction as you plan your roadtrip.

Our suggested loops are like building blocks. One can fit well after another to create a longer holiday. We have divided Kenya into roughly four parts; The Maasai Mara experience, The Central Circuit, The South Circuit and Along the Coast.

Maasai Mara Experience - 3 Days

The Maasai Mara National Park will easily fit in your Top 3 as a highlight of your trip. Its landscape has a beauty that is unmatched: fields and fields of waving grass, turning from yellow to green depending on the season. Safari packages on offer.
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The Central Circuit - 6 to 14 Days

Hiring a car gives you a sense of freedom that is perfect for wandering around the central highlands of Kenya. Roughly a triangle of Nairobi, Nakuru and Meru National Park, you can explore dozens of National Parks, conservancies and national reserves, and even climb Mount Kenya. You need a minimum of 4 days to explore this region.
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The South Circuit - 5 to 10 Days

Kenya has so many highlights, we have picked a few and turned them into a great suggestion for your trip. Visit: Nairobi - Amboseli NP - Tsavo West NP - Lumo Wildlife Sanctuary - Tsavo East NP
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Along the Coast - 4+ Days

The Kenyan coast is marvellous. White sandy beaches, the warm currents of the Indian Ocean, beautiful coral reefs, dolphins, whales, and lots of activities such as snorkeling, diving and sailing. Although it can get crowded in the high-season, in the low season you are likely to have it all to yourself.
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